Our Company
  IndirectCostRates.com was founded by Stephen Nemphos in response to an increased demand for services from the higher education research institutions that are eligible to negotiate a Facilities and Administrative Rate (F&A). IndirectCostRates.com utilizes an institution’s data primarily via the internet to prepare the rate proposal. This approach allows an institution to meet the federally mandated rate proposal deadline in a budget sensitive manner. 
Our Services
  • Diagnostic Review to evaluate an institution’s preparedness
  • Preparation and submittal of the Long or Short Form Facilities and Administration Cost Proposal
  • Negotiation of the final rate for 3 to 4 years  
  Additional Information

Our fee is fixed with the first payment not due until submittal of the rate proposal to the cognizant agency and the second and final payment upon the Institution’s receipt of the negotiation agreement from the Federal Government.Call 410-592-9100 or email snemphos@indirectcostrates.com  to discuss the status of your indirect cost process.

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*IndirectCostRates.Com is an internet based service specializing in Indirect Cost proposals from submittal through negotiation. If your rate proposal is due or past due, assure compliance by contacting us for a budget sensitive quote.